Photography by Marnie B | ICELAND 2014
Created 26-Dec-14
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These photos were taken in late September/early October 2014 on my 4th venture to this unique island. The weather was iffy at times, but that is always expected in Iceland. We experienced brilliant blue skies, rain, gale force winds, fog, and snow - sometimes all in the same day. But the Fall colours were amazing. Our itinerary took us from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula up to the North country, and back down to the Golden Circle.
Berserkjahraun Lavafield 1Berserkjahraun Lavafield 2Berserkjahraun Lavafield 3Berserkjahraun Lavafield 4Berserkjahraun Lavafield 5Budahraun Lava and ground cover near Budir 1Budahraun Lava and ground cover near Budir 2Budahraun Lava and ground cover near Budir 3Budahraun Lava and ground cover near Budir 4Enroute Road to SnaefellsnesEnroute to Snaefellsnes 3Enroute to Snaefellsnes 4Enroute to Snaefellsnes 5Enroute to Snaefellsnes Fall ColoursEnroute to Snaefellsnes RoadEnroute to Snaefellsnes Road 2Enroute to Snaefellsnes Waterfall 1Enroute to Snaefellsnes Waterfall 2Enroute to Snaefellsnes Waterfall 3Geysir Area 1

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